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B - Electronic - Analog signal output

  • Standardized output signals (0 .. 5V, 0 .. 10V, 0 .. 20mA, 4 .. 20mA)
  • Optional inversion of the output signal (U max, I max at position "0")
  • Fully integrated or directly mounted on the sensor (external box)


b_elec_signal At the sensor output a variable current or voltage signal is provided. The signal level behaves directly proportional to the position of the rod over the entire measuring range or a particular section. The sensor electronics ensure a stable output signal with a low linearity error of 0.3%. A supply voltage of 9-35VDC, (24VDC) generates output signals: 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, 4-20mA (factory set. Depending on customer requirements it is possible to adjust a rising or falling (reverse) output signal in correlation to the stroke range.
B - Electronic pict8
Description of the interface



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