Monday, 20. May 2024
Super Miniature Slip Ring MC4X3SS

Gold to Gold contacts , 4 contacts at 1A / 240 VAC

Metal housing / stainless steel

Housing diameter 8mm, length 16mm

MC4X3SSMC4X3SS is currently the smallest slip ring in our program. Because of the infinitely, cylindrically design it is easy to to be mounted into hollow shafts, tubes with an diameter larger than 8mm.

Small Slip Ring with a 7mm through bore CA12X4HAL

Gold to Gold contacts for a long rotational life

Metal housing, encapsulated ball bearings

Customized modifikations

CA12X4HALCA12X4HAL is a small slip ring with a through bore. With an overall length of 50mm and an mounting diameter of only 25mm it belongs to a category of compact slip rings. The through feeded bore or hollow shaft allows to feed small shafts, cables or tubes with a diamter smaller than 7mm through the slip ring.