Monday, 20. May 2024
LinoSense® - Linear Displacement Sensor

pict2 Conductive Plastic + Precious Metal Wiper
pict7 ...Detection of position and distance
pict8 ...Standard - voltage divider circuit
pict9 ...Optional with signal conditioner output




LinoSense® potentiometric, linear motion position sensors with optional interfaces, for direct and absolute measurement of distances. They can be used in cylinders or operated by shaft rods. In potentiometric LinoSense sensors a multifinger precious metal wiper guarantees a long life at medium operating speed and a correct signal output. The LinoSense transducers are also available with integrated electronics, analog (B) with current and/or voltage output and digital (M), programmable and customer configurable electronics. Against parasitic induction the sensors are sufficient protected by a robust aluminium housing. Radial forces are avoided by couplings or tips.