Monday, 20. May 2024
RotaSense® - Rotative Sensors


pict2 (Precision-) Conductive Plastic - Potentiometer
pict5 ...Angle position detection device, angle sensor
pict8 ...Voltage divider, passive

... for manual settings suitable to a limited extent only





RotaSense® precision servo potentiometers corresponds fully to international standards. They are used for rotary position-feedback applications where a very long rotational life is required. Metal housings with ball bearings and stainless steel shafts, combined with excellent electrical data, make it suitable for any automation and control application. They meet international standardised dimensions and are therefore ideally suitable as replacement for much more expensive devices. Whenever RotaSet potentiometer do not meet specifications, RotaSense precision potentiometer can be used. Generally all standard types without modifications in standard resistance values are available in small and medium quantities from stock. Assemblies of RotaSense precision potentiometer with AC & DC servomoters are also avalable. In the product range also rear shaft extension and tandem versions are available.